The If Walls Could Talk project is researching the old shops and businesses of the Park District estate. We are bringing local people together to map out the old uses of the buildings, to discover photos, describe the old interiors and collect people’s memories of everyday life in this part of Weymouth.We will produce an annotated map of the area as it used to be, a digital e-booklet and a website. We will also run a series of guided tours around the estate and hold a celebratory event to share what we have discovered.The project is funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and is delivered through registered charity digital:works. The project is led by local resident, Amy Hopwood.
Fish & chip and hairdressers shops


If you are interested in the project, we would love to hear from you. There are a number of ways you might want to get involved:

  • Did you live or work in the Park estate in the 50s or 60s? Or maybe you know someone who did? We will be running sessions locally to get people together to share their stories, and would love you to join us.
  • Maybe you don’t have memories of the area yourself but would like to hear other people’s stories and could help by participating In the project.
  • Help with the research
  • Or maybe you can’t get involved during the course of the project, but would be interested to find out what we discover, so you would like to be kept notified about the guided tours and celebratory event in the summer?

If any of the above appeal to you, or you have other questions, please get in touch with me on 07590 827887 or amy_hopwood@yahoo.co.uk.


Digital:works is an arts and educational charity that works with communities, providing training and creative assistance to produce arts and media projects. digital-works.co.uk


The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) sustains and transforms a wide range of heritage for present and future generations to take part in, learn from and enjoy. From museums, parks and historic places to archaeology, natural environment and cultural traditions, we invest in every part of our diverse heritage. www.hlf.org.uk