Another great session…

We had another great session at the Park Community Centre last Friday, with about 15 attendees. This time we focused on triggering people’s memories by sharing some of the photos given to us by supporters of the project who have not been able to attend sessions. Sometimes these photos have been emailed to the project, but sometimes it has involved meeting a stranger at an appointed time to receive an envelope containing a real gem! A few examples of these photos are shown below:


Ranelagh landlord and landlady Mr and Mrs Haddon mid 50s

The photo above is from the inside of a tiny Christmas card, sent to Colin Smith, our kind donor, by Mr and Mrs Haddon, who ran the Ranelagh Hotel (believed to be mid 1950s).

The photo below shows the victorious Brownlow pub darts team, kindly given to us by Andy Fisher, the son of the pub’s┬álandlord.

Brownlow darts team from Andy Fisher 1


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